Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pyramid - Heating Up

Best fish of the day for me, just shy of 26" in full spawn colors. The amazing part was it started out as a double hookup, yep, he had a twin of the same size that took my beatle dropper. I was able to get both to the top before one came unbuttoned. Bummer, that would have been about 12lbs of fish on one cast had I landed both! Not a nibble for me or anyone else from Block House to Rawhide Lookout. They're stacked up near the nets, I landed a dozen there and lost two more. A westerly wind howled at 35-45mph, the harder it blew, the better the fishing was. Air temp was 60, water temp was 51, up several degrees from last week and just about perfect. Looks like the fish are in full spawn mode now, they're schooling up heavy and chasing anything you throw in front of them. They're bunched up, so back to back fish are not uncommon. Keep an eye out down the beach, if others are hooking up, its only a matter of seconds before the school is in front of you. Streamers outperfomed midges by a large margin today. This guy took a Martini Bugger right at the surface.Wind and cloud cover really emblodens the fish to come into the shallows to hunt. It also provides them with cover for ambushing Tui Chubs, the LCT's primary forage.
I thought this little creek and its cold snow melt water source would lure fish to its inlet. No such luck today, but fish do congregate at fresh water sources like this one from time to time.

Visibility was a big improvement over last week, 5ft plus from Block House northward. The Truckee is flowing into the lake at 2,300cfs, nearly 4x its mean and has the entire south end of the lake from Block House on looking like chocolate milk.


Sanders said...

Those are some awesome looking fish! glad the fishing is getting better...keep those pictures coming.

Flyfishermanrichard. said...

I know it's been hard on you, but having paid your dues your getting rewarded, well done.

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