Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pyramid - Its Gonna Be Late

I don't even know where to begin, kind of a bummer day. Was planning to head out to Anderson Bay on the east side of the lake only to find out its been closed. Apparently the closure is indefinite as the Tribe is considering whether or not to allow access.While on the east side we tried Howard Bay for about half an hour. Something grabbed my fly a couple of times, but it could have been Cui-ui, there are over 2 million in the lake today and HUGE schools of them congregate in that particular bay this time of year. Visibility was a foot...max. Even the Pelicans were striking out largely due to the low visibility. Here's a few hundered congregated near the Truckee inlet.
Here's the Pyramid Lake Fishway and one of its many fish ladders which leads to the Marble Bluff Fish Handling Facility. The ladders help fish get over Marble Bluff Dam. The dam was constructed in 1976 to reduce erosion in the lower Truckee and aid in the spawning migration of the the Cui-ui and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.Here's where the fishway dumps into the lake.The creel census station said it was very slow today, we barely ended up fishing and didn't land anything. Nobody was catching fish at the north nets, however, apparently fishing was fair (but very crowded) at the south nets. It looks like its going to be late this year, the water is still cold. This week is going to be warm, I hope that gets the fish moving next week. Since the Truckee is flowing unsually high this year, and high enough for fish to breach the silt delta barrier, I'm wondering if the proponderance of LCT are trying to run up the Truckee to spawn vs. running up David Dunn hatchery in Sutcliffe. Has anyone spoke to the fisheries biologist about this possibility? Here is some insightful research which explains how lake water levels and Truckee water flows impact the ability of fish to successfully spawn in the river.


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