Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recon - Lake of the Woods & Webber Falls Part I

Yesterday, I had a brilliant idea to be the first one to fish Lake of the Woods at ice-out. Independence Lake is ice free I've been told and I heard that guys have been fishing Webber Lake since last weekend, so i figured it was worth a shot. You can drive a couple hundred yards or so from the dirt road turn off, then its solid snow for the next two miles. We packed in tubes with spirits high since there were no tracks ahead of us. This is what we saw. A couple weeks too early. Despite a little open water, no fish were cruising. Being in the area, we hiked down to Webber falls, holy $#@%! Its blown out and amazing to see.


Benny said...

Impressive amount of water in the video. Too bad about the lake still being frozen over. Looks like beautiful country and well worth the hike.

Trout Magee said...

Those are some great pics. Crazy to hear about lakes being frozen in other places when it has been in the 80s here. That waterfall looks awesome. Tight Lines

John said...

Just discovered your blog. I like it.

I bet a lot of stockers from Webber are down in the LT below the falls(s) now ;)

Anyone make it up to Milton yet??

B1GR said...

Glad you like it. The road is snowed in just past the Webber turnoff, so you can't get back there without a sled or tracked vehicle. I'm sure there are some dandies below Webber right now. Regards.

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