Monday, July 25, 2011

Truckee River - Bug Bonanza

Bugs are so thick in the evenings that you won't need to pack a snack, you're bound to inhale enough to hold you over until you get home. The most prolific bugs on the water right now are the caddises (size 16) from mid day till dusk. Green and spotted sedges, saddlecases. Shoot, the adults look so similar I can't tell them all apart, but what I can tell you is they're everywhere and fish love em. We got some fish to take dries on the surface, but most are feeding on mayfly nymphs and caddis pupae. You won't see the large numbers of green drakes until later in the evening, but the fish are taking their nymphs all day long, and they seem to prefer these over caddis right now. You'll see little yellow stones start popping thick closer to the evening. With all the bugs on the water right now, it's hard to figure out what the fish are keying into, but for me, it was GD nymphs with either a green rockworm or burnt orange pupae as a close second. Water is in about perfect shape from Boca to Glenshire, and if you can find some soft seems, large fish are holding in the canyon (as I found out), but with the strong current, good luck landing them! Check out these baby Merganzers. As much as I hate Merganzers because they wreak havoc on trout, watch them hunt, they'll tell you where the fish are holding.
We were able to spot fish from shore and the water is clear enough we could see underwater takes on nymphs. All fish were rainbows today in the 15-20" range with a large fish hookup in the canyon, but he was gone in the current before I could see it.


Frank R. Pisciotta said...

You are still seeing Green Drake adults on the Truckee from Boca to Glenshire?

Frank R. Pisciotta

Trout Magee said...

Awesome looking fish. Great pics. Looks like one heck of a day on the water. Tight Lines.

B1GR said...

I wasn't quick enough to grab one, just looking at the size, they seemed big enough to be GDs but could have been PMD or flavs. I saw that you were at Glenshire, what were you seeing?

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