Sunday, September 18, 2011

Truckee River - The Living Stick

The fishing was great in the lower canyon...but the catching was only fair. We tried swinging big stones and crayfish trailed by caddis pupae and mayfly nymphs...caddis took the day. We ended up digging around looking for bugs. Check out this caddis covered stick which Jackpot snagged up from the bottom of a riffle. Trying to ID these guys: they were free-living, were case-free, and were all anchored by sliken threads which they seamed to repel with downstream. My guess is some sort of Rhyacophila, a variety of sedge.Dangling by silk threads.The whole stick was moving. They didn't coat the rocks so much, just this stick.


Phil said...

Stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago. Sweet pics / vids / reports. It helps keep me distracted between sessions. Keep it up!

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