Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kicking 2012 Off with a BANG!

Fishing was slow when I got the call from Jackpot to "bring the 250 to the ranch". He had a couple of exploding targets that needed to be detonated with something firing at over 2,200fps; my 40 grain Hornadys for my 22-250 have a muzzle velocity of 4,150 which fit the bill. We had a couple of sacrificial props for effect. I have to tell you, these things really pack a punch, you can feel the concussion in your chest, especially with the larger 2.5lb targets, its like a stick of dynamite! These ammonium nitrate targets (often referred to by the trade name, Tannerite) are only legal because they're shipped as 2 inert components, one part looking like high grade fertilizer pellets, and one part (the catalyst) looking like some sort of fast burning gun powder. Its was juvenile, but it was also damn fun!


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