Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Truckee River - Midgetastic

I'm big on midgin from Dec-Feb, though today, it became obvious that the fish are keying into the larger stone patterns as well. My second fish was taken on a brassie, but it already had a huge stone pattern embedded in its mouth from an earlier angler that may not have had the best knot (or luck).

You can learn a lot just about subsurface bug activity just by checking your flies. Check these impaled bugs, a midge and a green sedge.

I'd say the midge is a true size 24 and the sedge an 18. As a rule of thumb I try to stay at a size 18 or larger...things don't stay buttoned in the BT on little flies.

I harpoon a lot of bugs, which tells me my bottom fly is on the bottom a lot, and if you're not hanging up from time to time, you're not deep enough.

Every time I think I've got the Truckee figured out, I read a blog or meet someone that reminds me of just how much I still have to learn. Today, I finally bumped into a local legend, Doug Ouellette. He shared some fishing stories and then shared a couple pictures of what his line made contact with earlier that day...yeah, I have a ways to go. Doug is a very accomplished local guide with tons of know how and some very unique and fascinating techniques. If you don't have his site bookmarked, you should definitely check it out. Calvadaflyfishing.com.

Danny Jackpot was the camera man today and busted out a cool vid set to Larry Jon Wilson.


g_rob said...

Nice Whitefish! Oh yeah, those fat rainbows were OK too.

aaron said...

those two bucks look so similar I thought it was the same fish. What a day! You crush it down there...makes me want a nevada license too... Stuck a big male on a streamer today by glenshire... Great work on the videos and blog. keep it up!

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