Friday, October 19, 2012

Truckee River - More Easterly Action

Mid-day water temps are just under 58 degrees EOT ("East of Town"), its just about perfect right now.  A decent mayfly hatch occurred yesterday mid morning, little guys, size 18 or smaller.  Fall is here and the fish are becoming increasing interested in streamers.
 Love this bend and all its color.  Fishing slows mid day when it gets up over 75 degrees, but you'll still find some takers.  Its going to cool very soon and fishing should only improve.
Russian Olives are ripe right now.  These bad boys are obviously invasive, they can grow in the poorest soils often times taking over piparian corridors when the big cottonwoods die.  For this reason, beavers are a Russian Olive's best friend.  In NV they don't seem to be a huge problem and I wouldn't mind them so much but for their 4" thorns which stand guard over some of my favorite runs.
 EOT there is a healthy number of juvenile fish up to 2-years, that's a great sign for future fishing.


Anonymous said...

Nice fish. You are a talented fisherman. I ask you to stop popularizing the east truckee. The point of fishing is to enjoy our surroundings and master our craft, it is not to blog and create buzz about our favorite locations.

Ryan said...

To Whom It May Concern:

I appreciate your perspective and it’s not my intent to draw undue attention to our favorite spots, however, keep in mind that ever since the nature conservancy reengineered McCarren Ranch and the guides started fishing it around 2009, word got out, its not a big secret three years hence. As for my motivation, I simply love sharing fishing stories, research/knowledge and giving reports just as much as I like reading about the same from the dozen other regional bloggers/guides I follow. As I’m sure you’re aware, certain of the local guides post much more about the east than I, and I only have but a fraction of the traffic as their sites do (a tenth of the traffic of one site I know for sure). The guides take people out daily whom have never fished east of town, and not only show them where the fish are, give them the flies and techniques to boot to catch them, you think my blog moves the needle when you compare it to that? It seems your critique may be better pointed at guides who are in the business of showing where all the secrets spots are, though, I don’t begrudge them for doing it so long as they teach catch and release (and they do). It’s actually only a small following of guys who follow me, and they, like you, already know how to fish the river. I take a great deal of time and care to intentionally shoot and crop photos and edit videos to do my best not to divulge too much. There are certain landmarks that pop up here and there, but I’m pretty diligent when it comes to these things, I too don’t want to see a hoard of folks on my favorite runs. I even go as far as splicing in short clips of “give away” scenery in several of my videos to deliberately throw folks off the actual location, so you might see me net a 22 inch fish, but the footage you see of me fighting it may be a 14 inch fish or sometimes even a white fish in an entirely different location and/or different day….yes, I actually do that to throw folks off where the fish was hooked. I realize guys who know the river very well may be able to pick out certain locations despite my efforts, but then again, those are typically the guys who already know the water, its nothing new to them. Also, there is good water on every single mile of the river, I regularly fish 60 miles of the river from Derby to Tahoe City, that’s a lot of water and a lot of good holes, its not like we have a 5 mile tail-water fishery and I’m giving up the 4 good spots. If you look at all my posts, I have done exactly 5 on east of town fishing in 4 years of blogging, one in 2009, one in 2011 and 3 in 2012. The other 80 posts were on other parts of the Truckee, other rivers, other lakes or other states. I try to be thoughtful and responsible in my posts, and most of the comments I get are encouraging and asking for more, but I realize I can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time. I’ll continue to be conscious of giving away good waters and limit posts on various stretches of water (including the Little Truckee) as I have done in the past. Matter of fact, there is stuff I could show from the LT over the years that would drop some jaws, but my posts on that river have been pretty benign and exclude monster fish footage given the ridiculous and ever increasing pressure its been getting over the past 12 years since I’ve been fishing it. PS, please, get a profile so this exchange isn’t anonymous next time, you can see and get to know me from the blog, I’d like to get to know you.

Best Regards.

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