Monday, October 8, 2012

Truckee River - Steamers East of Town

Its been a while since I hit the water as evidenced by a lack of posts, life with 4 kids under the age of 8 is catching up to me.  Finally got out on the BT yesterday and spent a half day bushwhacking and exploring some new spots east of town.

Check out this historic marker, a remnant of the California Trail.  This particular marker indicates that the path of an obscure settler who came through the Truckee River corridor from Virginia en route to California in 1849, his name was Edward J. Willis.
This looks like an old road but its actually a stone ditch that skirts around the edge of a rock cliff.  It looks really old and must have survived many a flood. Today it still carries water for agriculture.
A good number of callibaetis came off towards the evening with a few October Caddis mixed in, though I didin't get much action nymphing.  Streamers, however, did get me some shakes.
Thought I'd throw together a lil sampler....


g_rob said...

Great video man. Thanks.

dlholloway09 said...

Ive been to the spot where the bridge, trail sign and the ditch are many times, but out of curiosity, where is the spot your in on the video?

btw, great video!

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