Friday, June 7, 2013

Truckee River Tributaries

Don't get much better than a spring day mid week on some of the Truckee River's tributaries.  The Rainbow spawn has been done for bit now, most of the fish you're seeing in the shallows are suckers and dace.  Much of the water is in great shape, despite warm temps there are no spring blowouts due to a lack luster snowpack.
Water is a bit high in some places, but nothing a little high sticking with #6 shot can't fix.  
 Look at this handsome truck, for $9,700 you can take it home today for less than blue book (by the way, before you say something, there is a road right there, I'm not blazing a trail).
 Some of the water is too skinny to hold fish so you may need to hike to find quarry to hunt.  DJ landed a hard to fool bow in some skinny water, this little guy fought like an SOB.
The meadows look surreal this time of year.
 Check out this sculpin sunning himself on a rock, its how they warm their bodies....okay, bullshit.
The bug activity was minimal, a handful of little yellow stones and PMDs doing their thing but not much rising.  If the substrate is fee stone or gravel throw on a #20 micro may or an HBI and just enough weight to get down, if the substrate is muddy or silty, try a San Juan Worm dragging across the bottom.  Didn't catch a ton but boy what a beautiful day!


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