Sunday, August 25, 2013

Truckee River - August Update

On the Nevada side, ts all about the AM right now, if you can get on the water at sunrise, you're bound to pound em till about 11-12, then it warms up and slows down (except today, nice and cool all day).  Crayfish patterns dead drifted and swung through fast water is nailing them, Dan and I lost some really nice fish in the few days on Crays.  There isn't much of a pronounced hatch going on but caddis is as abundant as anything.  I like caddis pupa patterns right now, usually below a cray
 Been doing some metropolitan fishing as well.
Switch up, try an indo, then high stick it for a bit, try a #6 shot in a slower run, then throw on 2 BB's and hit some heavy water.  If the water is white, fish are in it.
 This is the type of water to hit, run every pocket, bucket and riffle a couple times, then move, cover lots of water.
 Nobody was out today, had the river too myself!


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