Monday, October 7, 2013

Truckee River - October Is Here

With the cool down in the weather, hatches are becoming more prevalent once again, caddis and a few different mays.  Crays are still sticking fish is fast water but you're starting to see fish moving into slower slots as well.  Browns are getting their fall colors and are gearing up for the spawn.  I spotted a big brown (27-28") from a high vantage point the other day, there are some real toads in our river. The Nevada side is definitely on right now, get out there.

 Fast water on a PT, they're getting nice golden hue right now.
I've notices 3 Osprey in and around town, that must be good sign for river/fish health.  This guy had a 10" fish in his talons.
This bow grabbed a cray in fast water, one thing I've learned, if you fish crays, fish them fast water (even white water), fish don't take them any other way.  Another thing I learned, Tim's Dead Drift Crayfish can't be beat, just enough weight to get down but not too much that you can't get a natural undulation in your drift.  I like to hang a dropper off the eye of the hook rather than the bend, it just looks more natural that way.  For you fly tiers out there: Tim Haddon's Dead Drift Crayfish Part I and Tim Haddon's Dead Drift Crayfish Part II


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