Monday, March 24, 2014

North Umpqua Steelies

A guys trip for powerful sea run rainbows.  This time we happened upon some quality upstream chromers with plenty of spunk.
To take the edge off of soar forearms.
Waterfront Accommodations.
Jay with a hefty hen.
Now that's a stud, oh, and that's Jay in the background.
Tom and Ken with a pair of pigmented peces.
If a fish is without an adipose fin, it promptly goes on the grill.  That's the way nature and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife want it.  99% of the fish in the North Fork of the Umpqua are wild spawned, however, hatchery fish from the South Fork occasionally make a left instead of a right and end up on the grill.  ODFW wants these fish culled so they don't spawn...we had no choice but to oblige them with lemon and pineapple garnish.
A much needed trip, good people and great better way to get away.


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