Friday, August 1, 2014

Eastern Nevada Camping...and Fishing...and Shooting

Nevadans have a lot to be thankful for, great camping, great fishing and unlimited shooting opportunities...

Night time streamers yielded some unwieldy beasts.
Going back home
The fight is on!

Yeah, and he knows its big.  What a pro, holding it out to look had nothing to do with it right?
Colors abound.
Anything in this picture remind you of a solitary monster approaching 30"?   Well it should. He wanted to do anything but feed that day.
Luke lining up for the kill shot.
A new marksman in the family?  One of several open site groupings at 20 yards.
Two goon-balls and a rainbow.
Foraging bows.
Find scuds...find big fish.
Not as big (at least not proportionally) to my son's...
Even little tikes get in on the action!


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