Saturday, November 15, 2014

Truckee River - More Fishing with the Boys

Browns have some girth right now, but why aren't they spawning? 
 Jack with the first bow of the day.

 Jack with his second respectable brown
A dramatic sunset on the Truckee


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Ryan said...

Thank you anonymous for a comment so germane to the topic at hand. This is a better blog for it.

Anonymous said...

Its good to see a fly guy that fished the river while it was low. I happen to fish bait on the river at times (but I fish flies too) and did amazing, although I did not see many people fly fishing...just more guy with worms/eggs. I practically got attacked by a few people who were upset I was fishing while it was low. A lot of cursing and even mild threats...troubling to say the least. I applaud you for still fishing the river while it was low as its still a legal right...these people made me feel like a criminal. I'm sure you have had your own "persecution" to wade through in order to fish the river...and with your boys nonetheless. I think it speaks as a whole to the entire fly fishing community in this area and their pure lack of respect and maturity in dealing with fellow human beings. It almost reminds me of environmental wackos in many respects. Yes, the Truckee is very important as a resource and a fishery, but continuing to fish the river while it was low is not near as grave as these many individuals that confronted me would suggest. I am glad that you were one of the few fly guys that seems to be grounded in this reality/.

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