Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Truckee River - Strains

It always gets me how many different rainbow trout strains are in the Truckee River system.  I think some of these are McCloud strain, some probably Eagle Lake, some of the silvery ones could be Donaldson's, who knows.  Some have big spots, green backs and bold colors, others have tiny speckles and a pastel palette such at first picture of the prior post.  
 The Little Truckee rainbows are notably different than Big Truckee rainbows, thinner build and lots of orange down to their bellies, could be related in part to the strain of the fish but also in part to diet or water tannins. This isn't to even speak of hybrid species such as the cutbow...quite the cornucopia 
 Warm weather and good flows makes for fine fishing but needs snow.  There, I hit my poetry quota for the year.  
They're sitting on the bottom just off the heavy current.  Midges and SJW's, the later seems to be doing better than I recall in years past,.  Could be that the lower water, which dried most of the river bed, killed a lot of the exoskeletal insects.  Annelids live in the mud at the bottom and have hemoglobin in their blood allowing them to tolerate anaerobic environments.


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