Sunday, April 19, 2015

Truckee and Pyramid Update

Truckee flows look like they're coming down already, they just dropped flows out of Boca which had been the source of the preponderance of the River's water, hope its not the beginning of the end of good flows, but there isn't a whole lot more that reservoir can give, it didn't recharge much this winter.  This may be the year to try other waters, the Truckee is going to be a creek soon.  Good BWO activity and March browns still can be found, fish holding on the seams and edges of riffles. 
When flows rise and the water muddies, annelid patterns get attention.
At Pyramid, if there isn't wind, don't even bother.

 Birds = chub = fish...usually.  A little wind chop makes all the difference.  First light had some large cruisers, but we only had takes from a few fish in the 2-5lb range for the first hour after sunrise, then lock jaw set in.  Stripping martinis produced over nymphing.
Feisty Pilot Peak Strain
 Get there before the sun comes up if you want a slot, I personally prefer remote beaches, even if there aren't as many fish.  When the fishing slowed, I watched schools of fish pass anglers at Pelican Point without the slightest interest in what they were tossing at them.  It was comical to watch two pairs of fish attempting to spawn between some of the anglers and the shoreline in less than 2 feet of water
 Watch for wind and then get out there, the Summit Lake strain of Lahontans are in full spawn mode but the Pilot Peakers are supposed to get in the mood little later, so they should still be in feed mode.


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