Thursday, September 24, 2015

Little Truckee River - Fish Habitat Improvement Project

Trout Unlimited is leading a project on the Little Truckee River that will restore over two miles of river that supports world-class fishing for wild brown and rainbow trout. As locals say, "90 of the fish occupy 10% of the water." This famous tailwater is heavily used by anglers, and expanding suitable habitat in the river and dispersing angling use are two priorities for the Little Truckee River Fish Habitat Improvement Project, which will be constructed in September 2015. TU will add over 100 trees, 250 large boulders and excavate new backwater habitats to create new habitat that benefit wild trout at all stages of their life history.

Ever shown up to 15 cars in the parking lot below the Stampeded dam, hopefully this project opens the river up! The video is of the entire river section between Boca and Stampede Reservoirs, the middle of the video gives a birds-eye view of the habitat TU added, good work TU!  Note: best viewed in 1080p.

As if needed an excuse to play with my new toy.


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