Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Snow Shoes & Scuds

 We're off to a good winter here in Northern Nevada, plenty of snow at the higher elevations and considerable snow at the lower ones.  Deep drifts + soft slush by mid day = snowshoe only.
 A lack of tracks tells us we're the first here in a month or so.
 First small fish gets the ye ole stomach pump, be quick, be gentle, release unharmed.  It can be a a very safe method if done correctly, use water to flush/suck contents, don't just jam and suck, fish can't be too small, use discretion, don't use a trophy-class fish.  95 scuds, 4 mayfly nymphs, 1 caddis larva....which fly to choose?
 Cornices along water edges are a good way to go swimming, stay far back.

Ahh, winter bows


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