Monday, July 11, 2016

Stillwater Solitude

A picture post of stillwater solitude in June and July.  Getting on the water at sunrise, being by yourself and targeting trophies in Oregon, California and Nevada...don't get much better than that.
 Mt Bachelor loaded with snow this year.
June is the month of the damsel, they hatch all throughout the summer with major and minor hatches, but June is the major hatch.
Watch for the nymph to swim up from the lake bottom to reeds, logs and bullrush that line the shore, then wait to see them climb up and hatch into adults.
 Fish usually won't refuse damsel nymphs, and you'll feel the takes from Cranebows...they're not subtle.
 Caddis pupa can be top of menu this time of year as well.  When caddis pupate, they're vulnerable, hanging in the surface film as they wait to eclode or for their back to split open and the adult to emerge on the water surface and fly off.

 Common tiger, take something.
 When damsels are out in numbers, it's one of the few flies trout just won't refuse.
 Sometimes you learn more by just simply observing, don't screw it up by casting, sit and watch your quarry, you'll learn something every time.


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