Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Skwalas - They're Here...

Well, the stones were in effect, both mature nymphs on about every third rock I flipped and a few adults floating down the river. A large fish was even seen gulping an adult on the surface. This was one of those trips where half the fish didn't make it to the net, but the good news, they're now honing in on Skwalas (aka Spring Stoneflies)! In addition, we saw a decent number of adult Strophopteryx Fasciata (Early Brown Stoneflies).

In the canyon I lost about a 2-foot brown who came unbuttoned within 10 seconds, but not before flashing me his size. Later I turned a heavy rainbow. Closer to town, Jackpot had battle-royale for around 8 minutes or better with a fish that never showed itself in the off-colored water. The guess is its was a really big brown. It eventually came unglued and unfortunately, our buddy from Sacramento who was filming forgot to press record, though he did remember how to set the hook and land his first fish on the truckee (a brown). The only other thing that made it to the net was a fat fiesty rainbow hen featured in the film. The common theme...they all wanted Stoneflies.


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