Monday, April 4, 2011

Fish's Eye View

Every wonder what's in the water you're casting at? I decided to put the rod down and find out last summer so I floated a few miles of the Truckee above the town of Truckee. Filming trout underwater in a freezing, turbid river is a bit more challenging than I first thought. Anyhow, here is some footage of the experiment, I got about a dozen fish on film, but I only included 4 of the big boys. One was a real toad, the footage doesn't do it justice, but I'd put it at over 8lbs, possibly 10lbs. I missed footage of several large fish which I spotted while rowing my pontoon boat, but didn't have time to stop, gear up and jump in before they vanished. Stay tuned, I plan to do some more posts like this one when it warms up. PS: none of these fish were filmed @ Fanny Bridge, though I did jump in there and try to get a monster brown on film, the discharge was 300cfs and didn't permit me to get close enough to film (the fish make swimming against that current look easy).


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