Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pyramid - Starting to Pick Up

I Fished almost the entire west shore Sunday, water is like chocolate milk from Howard Bay to Popcorn Rock, it clears up to about 3ft visibility at Block House, but it doesn't get much clearer than that, even at Pelican. The Truckee (measured at Nixon) is coming into the lake at about 1,400cfs, double the historical mean. Despite low visibility, fish are schooled up, in shallow and actively on the move. I had three fish back to back in only 2 foot visibility near Cattle Guard. All in all I put 5 in the net dragging streamers. I fished next to a guy that did very well on an ice cream cone midges 7 feet under an indicator. According to the biologist, the spawn is late this year and fish numbers should peak in the next few weeks. THIS IS THE TIME TO BE OUT THERE! For what its worth, the Tribe voted to allow fishing at the North and South Nets again, not that I care to stand shoulder to shoulder...See you out there!


Jay said...

I was there Sunday as well. Spent most of our day at Shotdog. It was decent, but got pretty tough after the lake laid down.

Flyfishermanrichard. said...

It's a place I've read about in magazines,and gather is tough, but if you pay your dues, can really pay off?

Nice blog I will sign up to follow.


Have a look and follow if you can?

Kind wishes.

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