Monday, April 11, 2011

Pyramid - Cold Again

This last cold snap that came through on Thursday and Friday followed by a calm and sunny weekend really put the fish off. Three of us fished 4 different beaches for 7 hours with only 2 fish in the net, one long-line release and two fish that chased our flies into the shallows. The creel census station reported numerous goose-eggs and we didn't run into anyone who did well. The mid day water termperature actually dropped to only 45 degrees (a degree colder than last week). Unless the water gets into the low 50's this week, it looks like the big fish run won't occur until late April and into May. The good news is, we haven't missed it yet. Water visibility is appoximately 1ft at Popcorn and 3ft at Cattle Guard improving to a maximum visitibility of 5 feet at the nets (yes, it was so slow we broke down and made a few combat casts). Even though we only got two fish, I did manage to make one of the most amazing catches. The first fish of the morning came on a lasso, that's not the name of a fly, it's just what you're thinking it is. Somehow, my mono line looped around the tail of the fish and it didn't come loose until I'd landed him. I'm guessing he was chasing my lead fly to cause this to happen. We'll see what next week brings. Here's the big fish of the day...bout 25".


Jonnie L. said...

Beautiful day to catch nothing!!

Sanders said...

Awesome fish! I might have to start implementing the "lasso" technique!

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