Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pyramid - Fish'n with the Boys

Mom was gone this weekend so it was time for a guy trip. I didn't get a lot of quality fishing in, but we had a good time. A few sand toys and a bag of M&M's and you'll get about an hour of uninterupted fishing.....right. I'm totally confused, there wasn't a single person at any of the beaches accept Indian Head and South Nets. Sand Hole and Cattle Guard were abandon, probalby because there aren't any fish to be had. In about an hour and a half i got one fish, that's it! At the creel census station they said its been slow for the past two weeks, and they think most of the fish have spawned, but there not totally finished. They're going to have a couple more tours at the hatchery, so that means the fish will be spawing for another week or two, but it looks as though its winding down. As expect, last weeks warm weather brought the mid-day surface temperature up to 53 degrees and winds created some nice rollers, but where are the fish? This year has been unusual, I never really saw the big push of fish which typically lasts for a week, if not two. Did they go up the Truckee this year due to its higher than normal flows? Who knows. I'll give it another shot soon, but if I don't start getting fish, it will be time to move on to the Truckee and Little Truckee. Its been too long since I've been on moving water.


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