Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pyramid - Fish'n with the Old Man

Had a great time with my dad on our annual Pyramid excursion. Unfortunately, the catchin was slow, but the fishing is always fun. We had some fish chasing streamers into our feet. We also saw a couple schools of cruisers along the ledges.We only fish a half day and landed a few, but overall it was slow. The water has warmed up significantly, from the low 50's last week to 58 mid day, its almost too warm now. This about wraps up the still water season for me. I think the lake will fish into June this year, but now that the snow is melting, access to the upper Truckee and the upper section of the Little Truckee are starting to look very appealing. The trick will be finding wadable and fishable water, some sections are blown out.


JGR said...

Hi, just found your blog. I've read about Pyramid Lake before. I thought this was the place they crawled up on ladders to look for roaming trout? It's an odd concept to me but if it works, it works right?

B1GR said...

Yes sir, it works well, I have some posts on the new ladder I just built for Pyramid Lake. There are many beaches around pyramid where you have to wade out 20 to 50 yards before you get to water deep enough to hold cruising fish, that's where the ladder comes in handy. You can stand out of the water and the big rollers and still be able to cast and spot fish. There are times, however, when you can find deep water right off shore and there isn't a need to stand on a ladder. Earlier that same day we were on ladders, but the pictures in the post were later in the day when we went to Sand Hole beach, ladders are optional there. Hope you enjoy!

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