Saturday, July 30, 2011

Truckee River - Trophy Section

Quite the misnomer, should be the "Planter Section". The only reason I fish it is because of the monster browns that live off of the planters. Caddis were out in extreme numbers followed by mayflies (possibly pale evening duns). Water is still a bit too high for this sections, many of the pools are still blown out.Caddis Larvae.Caddis were swarming by the thousands, a few fish were rising but most were sipping pupaes.
The reason I know there are pig browns in this sections is because some of the planters have teeth marks on them from a close encounter with a carniverous fish! Looks like the browns have been able to successfully spawn in here as well.
A half dozen fish, almost all were dull colored lifeless planters. I threw on a huge streamer after a while but no tugs.


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