Saturday, August 13, 2011

Truckee River - Bang'in Big Bows

Finally, the big one that didn't get away...well, he got a away before I could get a good picture, but not before I got him in the net! When I'm on the Truckee, getting a nice brown every 5 to 10 trips is to be expected, but big bows are a real treat! Let's face it, browns are awesome, but pound for pound, rainbows take the cake. I got this guy in the middle of town, I get lazy sometimes and fish the nearest holes, but no need to go to CA when there are 2-foot long fish right in your backyard. This fish was a brawler, I started recording after a couple of minutes, I missed some huge acrobatics right at the hookup, but still got some good jumps in. I cut out 4 minutes of the fight because it got boring to watch. I'm breathing hard at first because I had to chase this guy down river before it wanted to stand and fight. Just an ole #18 golden ribbed hairs ear in olive, nothing special. I use an oversize 35" net from Wachter Nets, but i think I need a bigger one, this guy bottomed out on it and was able to flop himself back in the water, I luckily manage to flip him back in. I flagged down a PWT rafter to take a pic for me, but as I pulled him out of the net, he went ape shit and...adios! Hey, give me a break, documenting this stuff by yourself is tough.

Here are some high jumps:
When fish are 2 feet or better...My net is too small:
Bottoming out:
Check out the vid:


JGR said...

Nice fish

Sanders said...

might need to invest in a bigger net...ha! Great fish.

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