Sunday, August 21, 2011

Truckee River - It's in Great Shape

Quick evening session today in the Canyon (I had to get away from the rafters in town). The water is clear and unseasonably cool due to the higher than normal flows. There are so many things on the menu right now I couldn't seem to figure out what the fish were honing in on, so I tied up a sampler platter: a dead drift crayfish, an olive pupae and a mayfly nymph. The caddis pupae was the winner. Little Yellow Stones were out in pretty good numbers, but not as abundant as the caddis and mayflies.
Mergansers on the hunt, they hunt in packs, often times forming a line to corral fish into the shallows. They're very good at it!
Been having good luck with bows this year, I think I'm about due for a big brown, come on crayfish!


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