Thursday, September 8, 2011

Recon - Lake of the Woods & Webber Falls Part II

Took the family out for a picnic at beautiful Lake of the Woods. What a difference from my last trip on June 19th only 10 weeks earlier. The catching isn't the best, but the fishing is awesome due to the beauty and serenity of the area. There are 7 first-come first-serve camping/picnic sites and a friendly and knowledgeable campground host that stays in a trailer at the lake most of the season. This is a great place for families and kids.
My kids found thousands of Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs which they eagerly collected.
They were a bit bummed when I made them turn them loose. These frogs along with an abundance of terrestrials (including thousands of dragon flies) provide ample food for the salmonids of this natural, spring-fed alpine gem, namely chubby bows, brookies and a handful of browns. Check out this massive Sphinx Moth Caterpillar, probably about ready to pupate. It's the size of my ring finger...this is like a ribeye for trout! Apparently there is a deal in the works with the California DFG to make this a catch and release lake next year, but its not a sure thing yet. That would be great news, it could be a great little fishery if it were managed better. While we were in the area, we took a short hike down to Webber Falls on the Little Truckee.

Check out this video, the first part is from the first week of September when the flows are near their lowest; the second half of the video is when the falls were running at their peak flows in mid June just 10 weeks earlier....what a difference.


Jay said...

Lake of the Woods is fun place but it seems things have changed there.Rainbows?Used to be nothing but browns. Campground host? That's a new addition as well.I haven't been there in a few years...

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