Sunday, September 11, 2011

Truckee River - Conditions are Perfect

If you stay in the canyon above the Verdi Hydro Plant diversion, there's lots of cool oxygen rich water, below that flows drop considerably. Fish seem to be holding in fast heavy water, practically in white water. Also, if you can find cooler inflows, you'll find a few more fish. There were a few small sporadic caddises hatches throughout the day, and a moderate mayfly hatch at about 7pm, but I didn't observe any heavy hatches.Check out these Golden Stones, I didn't think they'd hatch this time of year, but I saw Gilligan's post that they've been hatching late. Too bad I forgot my larger stone patterns. Check out this one, it was wet like it just hatched. I didn't see any live nymphs or adults though.Fish are fat and feisty, and as usual, I got all rainbows and one brown.
Oh, and yes, crayfish are still in demand.
Check out this yellow jacket (aka meat bee) nest, I found two of them like this one.
Factoid: Beaver wood (like in the photo below) is evidenced by beaver gnaw marks. If you're ever out camping along a river or a beach near a river w/ beavers, look for this wood to cook with. Beavers won't eat woods that have a bad flavor and generally only gnaw on soft woods such as alders, birch, aspens, poplars, dogwoods, etc., most of which are great for cooking and smoking. Still waiting for that big brown to come along and give me a tug, maybe this fall.


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My buddy was tellin me there called august stones. There more greyish than a golden, and only fly at night hence the.reason we don't see em. Andy burk says there from texas... someone else says somewhere east coast. All I know is I've been seeing them everywhere on the river and tieing them huge. Got a nice brown on one below whirlpool today.

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