Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Utah - Cast-n-Blast

I was priveledged over the past few days to be invited on a combo hunting and fly fishing trip in Utah's Uintah mountains on a private Orvis-owned lodge called Six Lakes. Pretty awesome stuff and great folks to share it with.
Our trip was cut short when one of our pals slipped on a rock while fly fishing, dislocating and breaking (in two places) his ankle all while falling into 50 degree water. This tough ole cowboy didn't make a peep when it happened, just calmly exclaimed, "its cold" and rose to his feet with his coffee and fly rod still in hand. I think the cold water took the focus off the pain and also helped with the swelling. Getting his cowboy boots off, however, was not fun.

The "cabin" we stayed in was huge and perched just above one of the 6 private lakes on the property, managed with healthy bows, browns, brooks and tigers.
The fish were very picky and didn't look, act or fight like planters as many were holdovers. The lakes are deep and cold due to numerous springs that feed them, and the fish were fat from abundant hatches of chironimids and terrestrials.
Originally, our hunt was going to be for elk, however, as plans changed, we opted for a quick pheasant hunt before catching an early flight home to get our pal to a surgeon for some pins to hold his foot together.


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