Monday, December 19, 2011

Reno Petroglyphs?

Been moving into a new home last few week, so I've been on a fishing sabbatical so to speak, but I'm dying to get back in the game as we settle in and life returns to normal.
Came across some wood carvings that reminded me of petroglyphs, only these carvings likely came from the indigenous boengrip tribesmen which lived here from 1988 to present (pronounced bong-rip). Anyhow, they guarded a deep hole with some spooky but fat fish that saw me on the approach and bolted.
One lethargic bow just couldn't resist a midge pattern, but every other fish seemed to. It was slow. The mallards in this bend practically ran me out, they felt the fishing was so slow they were doing me a respect for fishermen!


Anonymous said...

what kind of midge patterns are you tossing out there? (if you dont mind sharing)

Ryan said...

I use brassies, usually size 18 seems to be the ticket, just got to find some really slow water that's about 4-6 ft deep and put it on their nose. I comb the water this time of year, find fishy water, then fish it hard, sometimes i get fish on the 20th cast in the same slot. Usually in the summer, I move after 5 casts, but not in the winter. Best

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