Monday, February 27, 2012

Truckee River - Get'n Schooled

Today this chunky hen took me into some heavy water. As I pursued her, I learned the hard way just how warn down my spikes were on the bottom of my rubber-soled boots. I slipped and tripped and went swimming on more than one occasion as I tried to keep up with the fish that wouldn't quit. I was exhausted, wet and embarrassed by the end of it all, but by some miracle, I didn't loose her. Anyhow thought it was funny so I put up a short vid set to "Can't Stop It".We saw some adult winter stone flies out, and as usually, lots of midges and sedges on the rocks. The cold snap has the fish a bit off their normal game, but a #18 zebra midge duped a few fish. The bows are all looking pre-spawn by now, red sided males growing beaks and hooks and hens fat with eggs. Won't be long and they'll be on redds.

As I was going to net this rainbow, a second HUGE rainbow hen came in behind it on the hunt. It appeared to be trying to grab my Skwala Stone dropper that dangled behind. It wasn't successful, but had it grabbed it, I'm guessing I'd have lost both fish since something was bound to give. I'll be back another day to see if I can't hook that piggy.


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