Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pyramid Lake - Mid Season Update - April 22nd

Well, we're catching fish, just not trout! Can't say we've put in much time though. Most reports and observations last Sunday indicated fishing was slow for almost everyone, though we did hear of a 30 fish day way up north from a gal at the creel census station. We should be in the thick of the good season at this point, but this year is atypical. Got a late start, hit Sandhole but it already had about 20 guys on it, none of whom had caught a fish in the prior 3 hours. As everyone has been saying, its been hit and miss this season, Sunday was definitely a miss for us. On Sunday, the water was an astonishing 60 degree by noon! Only two weeks earlier, it was 44 degrees, what a shift, never seen it do that in such a short span and never seen it this warm this early (though this was just the surface temp). In desperation, we tried Howard Bay. We've got some nice fish out of there in years past and thought what the heck, wind wasn't bad that day, so it meant we might be able to cast (since the beach faces north). We caught em, its just that "em" were cui-ui. After a handful of these fresh water bone fish and no Lahontans, we bugged out and took some photos.
Check out this Skwala, first ever seen at Pyramid. This was near Popcorn, so I guess it could have came from the river, but I don't know...
There are thousands of Western Tent Caterpillars hatching from their cocoons.
The long, lonely road to Howard Bay.


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