Saturday, April 14, 2012

Umpqua Steel

Had a chance to get away for 3 days on the north fork of the Umpqua River in central Oregon. Good friends, good food and good drink! Oh yeah, and a few monster steelies never hurt anything.

Red SteelWine, scotch and whiskey floweth like the river...Check out the cottages, on the water and only $135/night...the 18yr Scotch cost more.
Can you see any Ewoks?
Kind of looks like the Shire.
If you could only taste these fresh, custom cut ribeyes. They're +2" thick, they should be at $23/steak.

Some highlights. My good buddy Doc Jay put the hurt'n to me this trip, he couldn't do anything wrong. I think I need to fish less with doctors...

If you are itching to catch big steelies, the Umpqua is your place, we didn't get any world records, but they go well over 20lbs in this river. If you need an awesome, laid back guide that is polite, fun and very professional, call Dan Taylor's Guide service at 541.643.6640, he's been fishing the river his entire life, the guy is super fun, easy going and knows the frigg'n river. Of note, on this section of the Umpqua, this ain't true fly fishing in the purist sense of the word, more like catching huge steellies with a fly rod, there is no double hauling or swinging lead heads, there was too much drinking for that. That said, its gorgeous, relaxing and super fun!

Till my next hall pass...


aaron said...

Great pictures. May have caught more fish but id saw that first fish takes the cake. That is one Nasty buck! looks like a good time!

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