Sunday, May 6, 2012

Truckee River Know-How

Sunday Dan and I spent the day with Matt "Gilligan" Koles, learning the tricks of the trade from a Truckee River legend. We had a great time as Matt is as cool and laid back as he is knowledgeable about Fly Fishing the Truckee River. I'd encourage anyone wanting to learn more about the tricks of the Truckee to enroll in Matt's "Spring Fever Clinic". Its always great to see new strategies and techniques from Matt's tricked out dry-dropper rig to his nymph and streamer setups. Its also helpful to get some switch and spey casting pointers from someone who makes it look all too easy.Though we were primarily practicing, the fishing wasn't bad, I had some nice bows come and maul my thing-a-ma-bobber, they need to develop one with a hook...I'd have had three more hookups!
March browns began coming off mid morning in good numbers, even saw a possible golden stone sighting (couldn't grab it).Matt, thanks for the pointers and knowledge, its always good to see if first hand from a pro!


1 said...

It was nice meeting you guys. Let's get together one of these days. I'd really like to have you show me how to run my 'toon down the river. Next time you can go, let me know! You can grab my number from Andy.


Ryan said...

Sure thing Mat, it was great meeting you as well. I'm sure we'll be in touch soon.

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