Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Truckee River - Seine Ole Situation

Did some seining and fishing over the past week, way for me to get more hall passess...take the kids with me.
They seemed to love it, at least for the first hour.
One set of child waders, 3 boys, bad ratio
I learn as much as the kids when we do this and I'm always amazed at how many insects are floating by in any given stretch or water.
The seine sample was from about a week ago.  As usually, BWO's were the dominant mayfly, but I've noticed the hatch has waned since then, could be just about done.
 Letting the kids battle one or two fish always buys some more time before they get bored, and at their age, they always get bored.
 Still seeing a few Skwalas out and about, but this too seems to be waning around Reno.


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