Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fly Fishing Northern Nevada - The Trifecta

1 Angler, 2 Days of Fishing, 3 Bodies of Water, 4 Species of Trout.....High 5.  I had the pleasure to fish what I feel are Northern Nevada's three best fisheries in a recent spur of the moment outing.  22 hours of fishing in 2 days amongst the most beautiful bodies of water the Battle Born State has to offer.  Midges, BWOs, caddis, streamers...they all worked, but midges followed by BWOs took the day for all three waters.  A Tasmanian Rainbow below, speckles protrude well below the lateral line.
Fish were best measure by the pound.
 Magnificent Colors
Bows and a Tiger Trout stacked up and doing anything but feeding
 Bring your A game to nymph these super clear spring heads
 A healthy post spawn cutbow
Morbid obesity is the number two cause of death amongst trout....ok bullshit.
 Browns are rare in one location I was at....getting two back to back was a treat.
Super ladder and a Pyramid Lake sunrise
A little Lahontan Cutthroat, monsters are alluding me this year, you have to put in your time and I don't.

The Truckee River entering Pyramid Lake
A feisty rainbow from the Truckee River in the brown waters east of town to finish it off


David Duffy said...

Great post! I've added TFS to our blogroll at whenthelinegoestight.com, we have a Nevada based fishing blog as well. Keep up the good work! We're planning on hitting the Marshes here soon. I'd love to know more about the hunting lodge you stayed at last year.

-Dave Duffy

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