Monday, April 7, 2014

Marsh Madness

A solo trip in March on a cold windy day, lots of wind chop, lots of midges...lots of fish.

I caught the pre-spawn rainbow last time I was here, I remember because it had a very distinct shark like dorsal fin.

You can about feel the below freezing temps in this picture.
I counted 50 deer in this heard.
Pretty much everything was a 20/20.

One cuttbow, a couple small tigers, everything else were big nasty tasmanians.
Only a couple fish took streamers, everything else was on various midge patterns.  Strong hooks are a must, had a couple #20s straighten out.


Anonymous said...

I love that part of Nevada....been fly fishing the marshes for years; so much to explore. Look forward to seeing some Truckee stuff as well.

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