Saturday, May 23, 2015

Abaco Island - Bountiful Bahamian Bones

The pace of life slows down a good deal while at Abaco Lodge in the heart of the Abaco Islands.  The lodge is an advantageous launching point for fly angling being situated in the middle of the Marls, a 300 square mile shallow marsh system on the western side of the island known to be one of the most unique and productive fisheries in the Bahamas.

The Lay of the Land
Relaxing after a day of fishing for bones...I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.
A typical flat

Some warm up fishing - sharks on the dock at night on the fly...don't forget a 12 weight rod, wire leader and circle hooks, these guys can get pretty awnry.

If you get the opportunity to fish the eastern creeks on the east side of the island, take it, it's a complete change of scenery with many stalking and wading opportunities for larger fish and the occasional permit.  I had a shot at two inclusive of one refusal and one take but no hookups.

The Marls are riddled with Conch, given they're delicious and plentiful, you'll find them in many of your fantastic meals at the lodge.
Kalik is 97% water and the preferred source of hydration on the flats
Baby cudas are abound, keep a 10 or 12 weight rod handy with a needle fish pattern for the big boys that show themselves from time to time.
The guides at the lodge are all top notch and indispensable, listen to them closely if you want to maximize your time on the Marls.
Some wadeable white sand flats on the east side of the island, you can spot fish on these flats from 100 yards out giving much time to approach from upwind to get the perfect cast in.
If you can spot fish on the grass, you're a better man than I.  Thank God for good guides.
Complimentary Cubans and a bonfire end most nights in Abaco.


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