Monday, June 8, 2015

Truckee River - The Last of the Good Flows

Good is relative to the severity of the drought, but fishable flows may be gone for a while.  This update was from a week or so ago when we had water and temps between 64-66F, but they cut off the flows coming out of Boca, the primary source of cold water for the river, so its getting pretty rough for the trout in and around town.  
 If you get above the diversions and/or into CA you can find some higher flows, deeper runs and cooler temps, but that too will be short lived and is close to running its course.
 Spotted Sedges are out in good numbers getting attention on and below the surface, but the real question is, what are carp keying in on.  Its about that time to head east, put away the rainbow rod and break out the 8wt.
A glimmer of hope, just about all the bows and blue cheeks I've seen have put on good weight this spring, maybe some of them can hold out through one more really bad drought.  The bad news is most of trout fry and bait fish were gorged on when the river puddled up last summer, so its going to be leaner this go around.


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