Monday, June 22, 2015

Truckee River Alterantives

Looks like the state of CA is going to close their side of the river this year due to the drought but no such luck on the NV side that I've heard of.  The NV Department of Wildlife has been getting a lot of calls from concerned residents and anglers about the low warming waters and pools riddled with dozens and in some cases hundreds for mature trout, milling around aimlessly, waiting for mother nature to give them a break.  They say they have nowhere to relocated the fish due to the drought and AIS and electroshocking at this point could be lethal.  Bummer, hope the guys with night crawlers leave them a lone this year, but based on the full stringers I keep seeing, I know that won't be the case.
I've been exploring some other areas and there are some epic hatches going on in the Sierra's right now, PMD's in the early AM followed by little yellow stones and then some good caddis hatches for dessert right before bed time.  Pointer for selective trout, if you are only seeing backs and not noses breach the surface, really watch the rise closely.  If the fish doesn't leave behind air bubbles, there's a good chance it took an emerger in the film or sub-surface.  Get the leader grease out and adjust accordingly.


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