Friday, June 8, 2012

Truckee River - Fishing with the Boys

The wife's been out of town much of the past month which explains why I'm not posting. My household is something out of Mr. Mom right now and I'm being cast as Michail Keaton. Nonetheless, I've managed to get the kids on the water a few times for some fly fishing, though I'm relegated to just a few spots where I feel comfortable letting the kids wade near shore while I'm doing the casting, which limits our success. On the bright side, flows are perfect right now and as a result, we're going to get to fish some sweet hatches that can't always be fished in high water years.

Here's Luke commanding a feisty bow in Reno with a switch rod no less.

Some Glenshire sites

Check this female crayfish out, its got about 200 eggs that were very developed and days away from hatching. No wonder these invasives are so invasive.No post is complete without a little recon. Our very basic entomology efforts unveiled drunella grandis or western green drakes with developed wing pads. They're very close to hatching right now, though we didn't see any adults.Also, for the past week, adult caddis have been thick in Reno. If they're not in good numbers on the CA side yet, I can't imagine its more than a few days away. Sedge larvae were in large numbers. Unlike mayflies, you don't find too many by flipping rocks in the softer waters, but if you can hook a stick on the river botton in a fast riffle, you'll see what I'm talking about, they're thick in the fast water.Because they're so delicate and are usually attached to large rocks at the bottom of fast runs, its hard to find in-tact caddis larva nets, but this stick was covered with them. Caddis larva use these spun silken nets to seine food particles out of the current.
Though we couldn't catch them, we did see two large stonefly husks floating down the river. Given the time of year and their size, they were likely Calineuria or Golden Stoneflies.


Chris Kurnik said...

I appreciate the attention to entomology, I would like to post a link on my blog, to yours. Hope thats ok. See you on the stream.

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