The Truckee was flowing at 1,000cfs and winds were predicted to gust up to 50mph @ Pyramid. Some people tie flies when the weather won't allow them to fish, I build stuff. Today I hung around my shop and built a new Pyramid ladder. I ordered this bad boy from back east, it has a large standing platform that's a full 5' off the ground, to keep the rollers from breaking on your knees. I bent a piece of aluminum across the top guardrail and manage to create a sturdy seat mount. The seat is a Cabelas special and should get the job done. The ladder can be used for standing or sitting, depending on which direction you face it.
I added a stripping basket and a gear box and mounted them to the ladder using RAM articulating mounts. RAM mounts are awesome, and you can attach just about anything you'd like to them, even a beer holder. I configured my net with a lanyard that allows me to net fish w/o having to leave the standing platform, but it quickly breaks away via a magnetic connector if you have to chase a big fish down the beach. I added two adjustable levelers on the front of the ladder to keep the standing platform level when on steep beaches and uneven ground. Lastly, I put a perpendicular support bar across the back legs of the ladder to prevent tip-overs. Now the only thing left is to see if it helps me catch fish!