Friday, October 14, 2016

Northern Nevada - Bows, Browns & Bucks

Fall is a great time to get out in Northern Nevada, the Truckee is in full swing with good mayfly and caddis hatches occurring.  Yeah, not as many fish around Reno as years past, but I've seen a couple of slobs.  Give it a couple more years, the River in town will be back to her old self.

I cam across this Wandering Garter Snake, he popped out of a rifle I was fishing with a healthy brown in its jaws.  Second time I've ever seen something like this:
Hey snake, try it on this brown...I've yet to observe redds yet but this cold snap could trigger the spawn.
Remember that bottom fly can tell you a lot about what's in the river.
Truckee River doe in Reno, not too afraid of me.
Broke away to the Nevada Oregon border for a great mule deer hunt.

I can't imagine a better overall year-round outdoor paradise.


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