Monday, July 31, 2017

Truckee River - July Update

Well its official, the River is back in shape.  Flows are around 400, water temps in lower 60's and its clearing up nicely.  More big fish are around town than i thought, put 2 brutes in the net.  
AM Session - 25" and thick
I haven't fished the Big T in 6-months (crazy), after today's session, I'm wondering why.  Fish are right in the seams, where the water transitions from fast to slow.  Look for oxygenated pocket water during the hot months of summer.  Get some 17-lb high visibility mono and tippet rings to 3x w/ 2 AB shot and put the bobber away if your fishing pockets, find an 11ft rod and high stick it - that's the best way to get the drift in pockets and seams where the water speed constantly varies and is one speed at the top and another speed at the bottom.
PM Session - 27" and lean


John Robertson said...

In my daily walking to work, I have seen a serious uptick in the amount of people fly fishing in town around the time of this posting; you must have quite a following! Gotta love social media these days

Carina Sun said...

After see the photos,i'd like to go fishing
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