Saturday, January 29, 2022

Back in the Saddle - Alaska's Royal Coachman Lodge

A short little post from someone who doesn't have time to put into his blog anymore.  Had the opportunity to go to the Royal Coachman's Lodge, a super remote and amazing destination which specializes in fly outs.  Hell, just to get there you need a charter to Dillingham plus a beaver (thankfully they have 2 on site). 

This bad boy is located 60 miles north of Dillingham in the Wood-Tikchik State park.  I've been to Alaska quite a bit over the past 29 years and this is undoubtedly the most beautiful part I've seen.  Amazing mountain lakes, glacial lakes, alpine streams, large rivers, braids, tumultuous rapids, deep fjords...pretty much everything you can imagine.  Small water, big water, still water, fast water, high sticking, indicator nymphing, pegging beads, streamers and swinging, you can even skate dries and mice.  Also, every species in the state is available here, from bows and char to dolly's and grayling, and of course the normal suite of 5 salmon species (season dependent) - even monster lakers (like 40-50lb plus) and sheefish.  

The lodge is well stocked, more than well staffed with guides and pilots on standby plus boats stashed away all over the place.  A beaver will drop you off and you'll either hike a remote mountain stream or find a stashed boat and tear off up a river.  The lodge boasts extremely diverse and remote water, you're not going to see anyone else at all on any of the waters up there other than your own party (each party consists of 2 anglers and 2 guides) - you're always going to be by yourself and they make it a point to make sure you never fish the same water twice (unless of course you have an epic day).  And while they may not boast the biggest fish in the state, we managed to find some nice bows anyhow - bows are all I really care about in AK.  

My big bow was 10 on dot but only runner up to a 10 year old who had me beat by about 3-4 pounds, almost a lodge record.  But hey, I got mine on the gnarly deep swing which was all I wanted!


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